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Name:Tamara Patzer
Company:TAMI LLC
Address:371 N Oxford Drive
Country:United States of America
Phone No:9414216563
Cell No:9414216563
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Tamara Patzer
Tamara Patzer: Blue Ocean Authority and author of Authority Wheel

Looking for leads in all the wrong places?

Want to be Found? Want to be Seen? Want to Be Heard? Want to Belong?

After years of seaching, I have found the spam-free, troll-free platform that matches you to your ideal clients and you can actually talk to them one to one via text, Zoom, phone, or other method...

It is BeeKonnected. You can get the scoop here:

You can listen to the PODCAST CLUB show:

Podcast Club with Tami Patzer is in BeeKonnected Live in the Hive TV Network.

You can join as a free member and have access to hundreds of shows about health, leadership, business, podcasting, entrepreneurship, and more. Go here to become a FREE member now with big benefits and connections with your ideal clients using the Konnection Generator.

I help my clients get found! Check it out.

Struggling to get found and be seen?

You know how you see people just like you on TV, hear them on the radio and read about them in newspapers and magazines and wonder how they did it?

I solve this.

I can help you be found, be seen and gain all the credibility and authority you want and need to help grow your business.

If you want to be on TV, Radio, in Newspapers, Magazines and be able to say "As Seen On" or "Ask Featured In" ABC, NBC, FOX, CW, CNN, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA to me.

I can help YOU solve this in a fun, productive, easy way.

If you have heard of Blue Ocean Strategy, you understand the term Blue Ocean Authority. You must be seen as the ONLY viable solution for your product or service.

I solve this...with my authority wheel system called the Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI formula, you will rise up to the top 1% and have your own blue ocean.

The TAMI Formula can work for you.

Talk to me: 941-421-6563

Email me:

Let's talk.
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